May hot wedding photography location photography business as busy as a bee
According to the labor report, "51" may day holiday, as well as recently, because sunny and pleasant is the relationship between a married life, is also the wedding day. Sunny weather makes people feel good, and shot in public green space and Garden Club wedding photography, is a choice for many newcomers live up to good spring.
Reporters saw a location closer to Massenet, Fuxing Park and the new world is in hot pursuit of the online "wedding." New lien and Helen yesterday at noon in Sinan began the first standing shooting exterior scenes, mansion of the former French concession landmarks, now tidy new, became everywhere the public bars, cafes and leisure venues, in front of the mansion in a colorful flowers wall picture, may have some "shanzhai" Prince William's wedding looked like.
Next stop was Fuxing Park, beautiful green grass became "method of natural" choice, and two rows of trees of a strong sense of history, adds a little bit of retro in the wedding complex. Last stop is, of course, shikumen houses are everywhere in the ocean and some of the new heaven and Earth.
Xinhua learned from a full-scale wedding company in Shanghai, sunny wedding location became the hottest items, arranged more than more than 20 locations a day, photographers are as busy as a bee. Marriage registration Center on May 2 overtime also have 995 couples registered their marriage, but slightly less than May 1 last year in the number of more than 1200 pairs.

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