Modern wedding photography, from interior locations
This year is a good year to marry, entertainment, and business circles are marriage. There are many new people but also for the selection of wedding photography styles and overwhelmed. In response to these circumstances, the reporter to introduce some form of personalized wedding photography this year.
, Filmed a short wedding dress
This is now married compared popular of a way, in video in the can records two people in life in the of points drip drops, love people also can feel to natural romantic of atmosphere, and without stuck Yu wedding in the of all posture, also remove has new heart of tension complex, and this video more in field framing, in married solemn atmosphere of while also to new people brings has a easily.
Second, before marriage wedding photos
Before marriage wedding photos is a new term, specific meaning in married couples also can shoot a wedding back home, as a Memorial before getting married. This form of wedding is recently began popular up of, couples are can will himself of love story thaw Yu photos in the, making a site digital album, this style natural fresh, shooting locations also without fixed, while this works of can ornamental is strong, can let couples are thin of aftertaste with through of points drip drops, while this photos also can show couples are of love complex, promote couples are Zhijian of feelings.
Third, shooting a Korean wedding
Characteristics of Korean wedding, first of all, Han-style wedding can bring a fresh and elegant feel, and Korean style wedding dress can also better bring out the bridal line, make the bride more woman charms. Dress in the style of colour is also very fashionable, new people can bring a hint of refreshing, and every detail of clothing also heighten the sense of beauty, Korean wedding can make people better understand the meaning of beauty and happiness, Korean style wedding photos are very popular now, click-through rate is also very high on the site.

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