Pat summer Park
Summer, now is when the lotus flowers in full bloom in the Park, bring your camera, to photograph the beauty of the Lotus is also a pleasure. Both for taking shots of beautiful scenery, is also shooting beautiful models, to the Park is a very good choice.
Shanghai gongqing forest park
To feel the breath of nature in the summer, it would be a delightful thing, Shanghai gongqing forest park is such a place. Gongqing forest park is the photo shoot of the city's best attractions, gongqing forest park is a green space in the urban area of Shanghai, a forest oxygen-bar has always been Shanghai wedding photography locations. So if accompanied by a wife to this photo, is also very good, here to record the harmony of human and nature beauty.
Shanghai gongqing national forest park located in the North-East of military road, Yangpu district, Shanghai City, No. 2000, near the Huangpu River to the East. Shanghai gongqing national forest park, formerly known as total green nursery, renamed in 1986 to gongqing forest park. Park in January 2006 and formally approved by the State Forestry Administration as a State-level forest park, named "Shanghai gongqing national forest park".
A lush forest, always make us relax, remove the burden and stress. When you walk into that sea of green, the oncoming wind like a silk scarf, gently brush against your face, makes you feel the most natural and fresh summer flavor.
Re-sweet romantic love road Lu Xun Park suitable for cool summer
Lu Xun Park, formerly Hongkou Park, sweet love branch, North Sichuan Road, Hongkou district, Shanghai City, covers an area of 286,300 square meters, was built in 22 years Guangxu (1896), is a major historical and cultural Memorial Park and Shanghai China's first sports park.
Walking in Lu Xun Park, Hongkou district, you will be able to feel the rich cultural atmosphere, there is the LU Xun Memorial Hall in the Park, you can see the number of Lu Xun. And is next to the Park has a very romantic and sweet love road, when Lu Xun and Xu guangping will often walk this road.
In summer, many people to cool off Lu Xun Park
Park with centuries of history and renovation construction, which keeps the United Kingdom Park published forms, retained the South door, drinking fountains and other historical landscape and Crape Myrtle centennial trees, and kneading and the Chinese garden art, formed Shanghai City Park features, became a famous commemorative and cultural rest Park. State-level cultural relic protection units in the Park, Tomb of Lu Xun, Lu Xun Memorial, Yin Fengji Act that shook the modern Memorial Mei Yuan. With hills and water falls, the landscape, the dike bridge, beautiful. There is the LU Xun Memorial Hall in General retained United Kingdom landscape features. Lu Xun Museum exhibits focus on the performance of the LU Xun in Shanghai for 10 years of social and cultural life.

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