Celebrity wedding dress recommendation
Big s, little s, Patty, pace Wu ... ... They, or married, or are preparing for the wedding, her feminine charm, sexy to see, to look for their wedding dresses, brides can also refer to their members in the body and who are more like.
1, s head and thin waist anytime, anywhere
Big s taught of thin waist secret is anytime, anywhere are looked up chest looked up chest of method is two leg to within Clip tight, waist sides also will forced, scapula of parts clip tight, shoulder completely open, neck and shoulder handover at down vertical relax cannot shrug, Chin slightly filed, if you long-term sat or station are maintained looked up chest, and belly forced, belly will narrowed very more, also President out ABS to, meat also not easy has been hoarding in abdominal.
Featured wedding: self-
Recommended reasons: close to the body curves and design, perfectly beautiful figure and gives a mature, noble feeling.

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