Wedding photography group attention
2011 is about to enter the most beautiful season, with 591 spring wedding fair wedding exhibitions have been held, wedding photography group also began to heat up, recent wedding photography of each major search engine users search went straight up, become the focus of attention of netizens.
According to incomplete statistics, a group-buying site Guinness day included "photography" information related to group purchase goods up to more than 140 articles. February 1-March 1, "photography" subject goods opened up to more than 2,400 times, where "wedding photos" on 689, accounted for nearly all photography buy 30%. "Wedding photos" search volume, more than the daily average over 2500 – with the coming of spring, romantic wedding spending has started to heat up, and network group which can bring real benefits to users, become the first choice of the young people. Also remind our friends, buying risky, in the consumption process to balance the "wedding photos" follow-up of consumer goods is necessary.
Currently some large wedding photography work room and wedding Studio also joined has buy, these brand more with visibility, while offers also good, this month 591 married network also launched has more field wedding photography buy, including Shanghai high-end brand Paris wedding, Venus wedding photography, Blue Coast wedding photography,, has interest and needs of users can to view related information, while spring of coming, for himself left a better of memories!

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