International wedding photography
Nowadays, after the noisy high spirits in the community, $literal is still the company's top executives, but there is no denying that generation are the backbone of society, not only are they fashionistas on the network, there are business executives, new, married men have dreamed of marriage singles. Generation generation something like search for individuality, fresh. Now wedding wedding, too, many of which are abroad wedding photography into China. When the generation exposed to overseas wedding photography, eyes bright, fresh. So, there are a lot of people like wedding photography abroad.
Many photos of China cannot escape from the picture for regular expressions, most people are unable to accept naturalistic filming style, which may and the aesthetic values of the people of the East have a certain relationship. Overseas wedding photography technique and there are some differences, China and overseas are mostly done in documentary style wedding photography wedding photography, usually in couples wedding day documentary captures the way to complete, new people and wanting to get the most natural beautiful photography.
In abroad wedding photography works in the everyone can see similar Yu we of wedding with took, wedding natural but and can put photography of technology completely performance, you may think these wedding photos completely is captured out of results, actually abroad of these photographer in shooting these pictures Qian, using himself of experience has do has sufficient of shooting prepared, each site works seems natural of behind are is years of experience accumulated.

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