Have their own personalized wedding photography
All of 2011 wedding photography trend clearly? You have to understand the popular trend, in order to have a personality of their own wedding pictures, fashionistas. Faced with a growing number of generation stage of marriage, their wedding photos become more sophisticated and tends to be personal and unique.
2011 wedding trends the main trends in minimalist fashion, Korean style aesthetic style, fresh, natural, and youthful personality style.
1, the popular trend in wedding photography--Korean aesthetic wind
In recent years, due to the Korean hit, popular Korean aesthetic wind will also be essential a 2011 wedding trends, romance drama makes many young people started to like Korean style of wedding photography, this will allow wedding photos are closer to the real lives of young people as a filming style and themes, favored by many young newcomers, also will be a 2011 wedding trends.
2, the popular trend in wedding photography – fresh natural air
2011 wedding trends are more out of the Studio, to on-location natural wedding location wedding photography styles of fresh, green hills and clear waters of real-world scenarios, it is all natural, and it is now 2011 wedding trends.

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