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Pick a wedding dress guidelines for wedding
During the filming, the choice of wedding dress and attitude is at the mercy of the most critical. Most of the Studio, allows you to choose three to four sets of wedding dresses. Suitable wedding dress will make you more attractive.
Choose wedding first don't forget one's own body. Short neck to wear v-neck or strapless wedding dress. Narrow shoulders short sleeve wedding dresses to choose shoulder pads. Oriental chest not very full, look two sizes available in Western-style bra to wear. Place Ponte skirt is a characteristic of most of the wedding dress, waist design is the key, General wedding will have to tighten the waist and lower the curved waist line to highlight the waist get a grip feeling, but if the waist too thick or the lower body short, examination showed no or high-waist waistline dresses. All in all, to cover up weaknesses, advantages, don't forget that, beauty, no follow, simple white would probably be more that you never paid attention to the temperament of your display.
Here are some wedding dress style explanations, hope to help you find your wedding dress.
Veil, tiara:
Garland: made from silk flowers (or real flowers, designed by hand), this ring can be placed in any of your choice
Ribbon: generally simple, used to hold back their hair, can be equipped with a variety of trim and decorative
Hair style.
Juliet Cap: smart design, surrounded by the Head Department.
Small round cap: round, brimless hat, put on his head.
Gem Corolla: the jewel Crown, encrusted with fake diamonds, pearls or crystals, and so on.
, President of the dance set: complete design, are layered, and Pannier, breasts also sew go.
Drum: drum-type dress with woven and ruffles to fill after the dress Department.
Mermaid style: very tight-fitting style with a Lotus or Fishtail skirts.
Melaleuca pendulum: the bottom layers of progressively down to the ankles.
Dress sleeve:
Puff sleeve: short skirt of the canopy sleeve, usually just to cover the shoulders.
Tight sleeve: sleeve skirt close to the arm, there are lots of different lengths, and can be very short, to the elbow, or
To the wrist.
T-shirt sleeves: like your favorite t-shirt's sleeves, the length between the shoulder and elbow joints.
Body type: fit a flat waist, sinks to the center point
Fall: the waist line stitched under the natural waistline inches.
Nature: the natural most of the stitching at the waist belt detail

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