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Do different winter bride
Is the Golden season of marriage. Winter's bride, more luxurious than usual grace. And in the warmth of the ceremony, you can use the uniquely colored dress and luxury beautiful fur accessories yourself---choose a colored wedding dress
Everything has to be perfect, and borne, it is best to bring something.
Unfortunately, today's wedding program similar, even the bride's dress is the conventional white yarn.
So that day to see a special "mass wedding party", could not help but inwardly cheered.
A row of red-colored long candle extends this to the head of the table, warm light over and Red napkins, silver cutlery also placed a red rose flower ... ... By masters of table setting, let alone is stunning.
Then international wedding designer Gui Youmei 40 anniversary wedding show. Red, green, and gold ... ... When the selected models were dressed in a wedding dress came up to people, fun and complex color permeated with the warm breath of spring and our concept of traditional wedding dress of all.
This fall and winter, wants to be a different kind of beauty brides, starting from picked a color wedding dress.
Entry level
Red Red is Chinese festive colors, if you want to select a color wedding dresses, most elders accepted way wearing a red dress. Slim sleek wedding dress is red graceful gorgeous in the light of the out-of-reach, big beaming at the neck. If the bride's lovely temperament, thin, can also try pettiskirt. Pink young or elegant temperament can also try pink wedding dress of the bride, as charming as flowers and lovely, friendly, easily accepted by the elders.
Flowers flowers series is also the wedding day the bride's patented, so choose the flowers series color wedding dress is more acceptable. On a green tulle covered with pink lilies, has enough to meet forest fairy's amazing, waist is a Red Ribbon to highlight her identity. Blinding color complex a color blinding beautiful wedding can make your image in the minds of guests leave lasting memories. Body taller brides can choose this skirt complex banded dress, red, purple, green, blue color shading layer after layer, with layer upon layer of varying size fold-and-lace, elegant to the extreme. Such a style, and only trying only leads to a wedding. Petite brides you can try simple style evening gown modeling.
Luminous you leisurely walk with a smile, dressed in a light white pure beauty. Lights, your body is more and more translucent, made of luminous fabric wedding glow slowly, butterflies and roses ... ... White actually hides so many beautiful patterns, like a spring, colorful, keep you in the dark in colour with the life smart with Viiv to the sacredness of marriage.

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