Wedding knowledge

Shoot the wedding guests to remind
Photographed the night before to reduce drinking, getting enough sleep, so eyes will be brighter, refreshed. If the eyes are swollen in the morning. Towel ice available external eyes.
Manicure in advance, Ms coat should be worn front button jacket, avoid damaged when changing makeup should be equipped with a strapless bra.
Photos the day before, Sir, Miss washing my hair, do not spray, if long hair is not neat, trim. This makes it easier to blow head, hair.
Photographed the same day it is best not to carry valuables and jewelry, so lost in the busy.
Sir photo programs are: communication?> style make-up?> selected to wear the gown?> complete hairstyle?> film.
Taking pictures, you can choose a pair of white shoes, sometimes photographed time will need a whole day, a good pair of shoes can guarantee a nice day.
When the wedding day, preferably before they get married, taken one month to three months ago, so there's more time, no conflict is and elaborate wedding preparations.
Photos the day before, the mood to relax, rest early, so that their light up on the lens.
When taking photos, don't wear too much jewelry, so tend to be tacky and attention to match.
Groom's suit is not too tight so as not to act is not convenient.
Bridal spotless, will only shoot out of the picture.
Bride and groom and the photographer to develop better understanding, open your mind to be photographed.
The selection of films to have your own, try not to take friends and family to choose, because personal appreciation, proposed their own photos can choose.

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