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China's best wedding photography guide
On location wedding photography, is the most stylish, most current kind of wedding photography. If more perfect way, even the honeymoon together? Here to introduce you to a few good exterior honeymoon photography in China, I hope you have a beautiful wedding, but also have a good honeymoon memories!
On location wedding photography of Lijiang: only a legend
With its Sun, its water, its simple, its natural, its mystery, its tolerance, its not scattered, suddenly takes hold love's eyes, into people's minds that most soft feathers.
On location wedding photography to Guilin: romantic garden
Holding flowers greet the new arrival, zhengyang pedestrian street in Guilin restaurant for dinner, enjoy a romantic couples packages. Sweet after dinner stroll new Guilin signs--"two rivers and four lakes" banyan tree scenic Shanhu into Guilin couples next month in San Diego.
On location wedding photography, Sanya: ends of the Earth
Baiyun companion birds, fresh, playful, romantic, wish, it is that many couples dream scene, Sanya beach wedding silence in love new people experience the romance and beauty, this income friendship love poems.
On location wedding photography to the Tibet plateau snow
A mysterious and alluring place. Here you see the unique Highland snow scenery and charming southern style, and blend with the natural landscape, Tibet's trip also has the charm of a truly unique new eyes.
On location wedding photography of Shanghai: Sino-American Bund
The Bund is beautiful, Lujiazui is gorgeous, Nanjing Road is magnificent, and Huaihai Road are magnificent. Gorgeous Shanghai, of course, you can find your gorgeous romantic, only here you can find a mixture of stylish and nostalgic feelings.
On location wedding photography to the Jiuzhaigou: sweet and stylish
Feel the magic and beauty of nature in the Northwestern plateau of Sichuan, but also on Highland Lake side chasing love. With a most relaxing, sweet heart the most beautiful wedding dress, absolutely every couple's dream wedding scene.
On location wedding photography in Hangzhou: West Lake
The most romantic love story happened in Hangzhou, China, Fan Li and XI Shi in both spring and autumn, still during the Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, or Southern Song dynasty of the Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen. That alone, is enough to let new people indulge away.
On location wedding photography of West Hunan: Phoenix City
All said, when the woman in the wedding dress is the most beautiful moment. Geometry of life, together with their loved ones, in a romantic town in West Hunan Phoenix wedding, when the Tuo jiangna soft water gently with love symbol, because you, the ancient city of smile.
Xiaobian recommended this location for a honeymoon mode, having a good time! If you are mean, that in when you select the field landscapes wedding photography, photo agencies and travel agencies must be carefully chosen. In particular before signing the prepaid expenses, travel details must be aware.

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