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Fashion trends wedding and life
Simple and elegant fashion, fresh styles, green hills and clear waters of real-world scenarios, it is all natural, but this is the wedding of popular fashion.
A wedding photo studio art director Mr long told reporters: "the new photos are now a little more concise, both cosmetic and in the shape, not too complicated. People, after all, not an actor, wedding photos more life. "
Wedding, clothing can be said to be a principal element, but now the wedding dress than ever before, a bit less complicated and a little bit elegant. Strap, a narrow swing wedding dress cut some concise lines clear, everyday life can also be worn.
And groom's clothing was no longer a single suit, handsome's shirt, casual sportswear, even simple white vests have become a favorite of groom dresses. On the Studio makeup artist for many years prunes and her husband at the wedding on the beach is the "pack light", the bride dressed in white strap knee-length little gown, fresh and sweet; the groom wears a vest pants, free and easy fit. It is understood that the life style of dress popular with young newcomers welcome.
Open Studio laptop brand new wedding album, reporters found that the styling is very close to life, "the couple" bickering, playing together, and cook ... ...
Just finished photos of Miss Zhou told reporters excitedly, "before the wedding style is not what you look at me, I hug you, looks very artificial. We photograph at many POSE is of our own making, such as wedding dress dancing the tango. Because my husband and I met at a college party, this style can be said to be the reproduction of our lives, more can arouse our memories. "
Wedding Photo Studio staff, now popular bridal makeup transparent makeup natural and fresh, and hairstyles are no longer the same as in previous years, be sure to punch hair high, many of which are based on the unchanged, with a little care.
When Liu went to shoot the wedding, specially requested makeup artist and keep its original broth noodle look. "The wedding first, have a life of your own. "Liu said with a smile.

Wedding pictures on life is also reflected in changes of scene. Outdoor scene of indoor scenes from the previous to the current epidemic, may also make use of geographic advantage to launch street view, a wedding photo studio art director Mr long told reporters: "now is more and more integrated into the life of a popular style of wedding. "
80 's last century wedding: side-by-side look forward
With a few simple reflector light, no sets, no wedding, two people sitting in front of the wall, side by side, looking ahead, such a black and white photo is popular in the early 80 's wedding.
Aunt Wang when the photos also don't have any special feeling, "two men of our time, and put on clean clothes, fix my hair went straight to the Studio. Compared with today's young people take wedding pictures, photos of our process is so easy, without an appointment, need not queue up, made money, stands with black cloth in front of the camera, photographic masters say: "look here, smile! "The lights flashed, moment is eternal.
90 's last century wedding: that is so not natural
Early 90 's, wedding photos just popular, make-up technology is not flattered. I remember when my husband and I went to Studio photos, makeup on my face after a painting, under the face with a cream-like, very awkward. I can't deal with most is the cheeks rouged, looks clearly is a matchmaker of sorts. Meanwhile, newcomers far from that era like new now, in front of the camera is out of stiff and shy make wedding photos too stiff tight, in a Word, I see how uncomfortable.
2000 wedding photos: Clap clap your
21st century newcomers as a wedding one of the most important things in life, be sure to shoot vigour, leave not the slightest regret. In 2001, Liu He, before the wedding, she went to the beauty salon for a week course, and communicate with makeup artist, required to highlight the personality style. When location shooting has been phenomenal, but most limitations on South Lake Park and Zhongshan Park, Xiao Liu, they want an Island Road, winds of romance because she believed that day. However, Liu still has regrets--that groups styling if you select old gulangyu in period costume House shooting should be more flavor, right?
In view of this, estimated the wedding photos are taken back the more freedom, more life. If you have a good digital camera, his film is not a bad idea. Try: in the endless fields or abandoned factories, villages or high ... ... No longer have to put up with expensive and full of the smell of the Studio's wedding is a wonderful thing.

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