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Preparing for Studio 10 steps
Husband says: "dream wedding is your woman's life, we have nothing, but it means a lot to you, as we have to take, then pick a time to go and see first. "Did a lot of preparatory work before, printed from the Internet a bunch of wedding photography-related information, and asked colleagues and friends that have been shot, and the pictures they shoot out, feel good about yourself when grabbed husband horse.
The first step: selection of Studio
Select Studio for wedding photography is important to the success or failure of, choose a good Studio is half the battle. Each Studio's development is honed with time, its success was not achieved overnight to be able to do, has a strong professional and technical equipment, a good quality of service and lofty professional ethics is the selection key to shadow her. A once in a lifetime opportunity is that it must not be careless, so choose whether shadow brush should pay attention to shadow her formal, whether the service warm, photographers and makeup artists have professional skills. Studio credibility is the most important!
Step two: into the Studio, select the content
In General a complete wedding album, of course, is left to slowly appreciate; her parents, MOM and dad worked hard raising us for so long, good thing to share with them the bedroom enlargements, which proclaim to all people the good stuff, Oh, there is hanging in the bedroom can be seen every day, and it is used to embellish photo frames.
Step three: Select Jabber Miss price or package with Photo Studio
Wedding package price is about two thousand or three thousand, according to the different grades, take pictures of the Studio, prices also vary, prices of almost all the studios are designed for the customer, not the same content, you can in these packages, you need to make the selection. Most of the Studio in order to guarantee the quality of filming is not allowing you to design your own photo content.
But I will ignore it so much, what are my requirements and then play by them. My husband and I chose four sets of clothes (namely, indoor and outdoor wedding, dress, evening dress), the third album, a piece of Crystal, 36, a Crystal bench into photos and CDs. They give us a quotation is 4218, died worn mill, mill for more than an hour, we to 2780, each added a photo to buy 48 non-package stuff requires additional consumption, then additional money.
Fourth step: booking dates of
General Studio will in according to you of requirements for you arrangements reasonable of photo time, this time also very of important of, because wants to took out good film not only need excellent of photographer, more need photographer of creation State good, so in selected Shi do don't pick statutory holiday and the weekend, because then of people too more, although has excellent of photographer, but due to row period had tight, is easy appeared "catch work" of situation, pair new also in photography shed brewing mood, outside is, has several on has, In such cases the photographer is very difficult to have the patience to wait for new entrants into the State, which shoot out results, photos tend to look dull, dull.
Fifth step: selection of wedding dress
In most happy moments in your life, who doesn't want to look their most beautiful side and eternal retained, so choose a suitable clothing is also critical. Studio has a special selection of wedding professionals to their clients, they can give you expert advice, therefore the sisters may be appropriate to listen to their views.
A moved for figure Petite of for in the high waist, and yarn surface, and waist discount of white yarn, to modified figure proportion; figure long of any style of wedding are can attempts to, especially to package body hem is tail-like of wedding more can show figure of advantages; high thin who is can try try strengthening two shoulder design of dress, because as can makes high thin type sisters looks more has spirit; figure plump of is for straight line of crop, plus lace style, wear up more slim ; Upper body the best choice for full upper body chest line can show the advantages of simple design wedding dress down full, do not choose to fold as the focus of design wedding dress is too thin, it is better to choose high collar, long sleeves, multi-level, flounces type of wedding dress. These are Studio Miss, me not so much to know that.
The sixth step: shooting the previous day's preparation
1, wash hair, keep hair natural;
2, girls have to clean armpit hair, men natural Beard now;
3, the two sides are ready for black and white leather shoes, girls with a pair of flat shoes (on location is walking very tired OH);
4, girls wear chest underwear and strapless bra;
5, who wish to take pictures with glasses, the lenses should be removed, leaving only the frame to prevent reflection phenomenon in a lens. I am nearsighted, taking the glasses will not see, in order to produce good results I was taking my glasses, so I simply do not know what kind of makeup;
6, because we are not professional models, photos of large lamps may hurt the eyes, make the eyes appear red bars, so bring your own frequently used eye drops to moisten the eyes, and just remember to bring a towel;
7, ahead of the rest, girls to drink more water, morning drink less pictures, so while the photo is the bride's skin more qingrun.
Seventh step: legendary cosmetic trap
Speaking of sad, I see the information that was before makeup artists would take advantage of this opportunity to sell essence, fix water or something, so I prepared in advance.
Makeup of when, makeup Division asked I with without buy new of powder cake, this I prior know, guess should not your, so on didn't owned has, who know a several block money of powder cake to has it this to 45 block, makeup Division said you can without buy also line, but this stuff how can mixed with Ah, if yiqian with had of people has skin what. No way, my husband and I each bought one.
Next was is to essence pigment what, I on said himself has with, makeup Division not to I with, said is not know I buy of line no, fear effect effect, then in I and side said they of how how of good Ah, life only this once Ah what, I ear roots soft, by not and let go has, results and missing has three Zhang Yuan.
Makeup artist also let me fix the water behind, but I'm stuck.

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