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Light belongs only to the beautiful bride
Wedding dress is probably the closest to the couture clothes in modern society. Wedding dress elegant and traditional at the same time gradually attracting fashion elements of the most sophisticated and beautiful, slim design, flower shapes, folding, luxury retro style, provoking fashion fire and sublimation into eternal.
"On this day, we are all princesses. "This is all the bride's heart, a little nostalgia, there is a vision for the future. To create princess dream, this year of wedding round pendulum skirt set Shang has feathers and thin yarn; bubble bubble sleeve and Palace type tight chest clothing also no longer alone led coquettish, upper body to dew shoulder skirt and vest skirt mainly; long skirt train, Johnson pretty to show of within lining, through soft of material reflected out woman taste, folds is added floating of natural beauty State; veil, beautiful, while also can more uses: popular carpet is masked of veil; ceremony into Hou, most long of that cut can is shawl, and short of that cut don't in sent between, for married banquet; photo Shi and can took in hands, Bouquet of foil.
Beaded hand-
Brides will love customizing unique skirts, embroidered on the marvelous patterned, inlaid glass roses, or the blessing of language, salute long dragged to the altar, and leaves a beautiful figure. Extremely fine embroidered on tulle crafts, exquisite, smooth break comfort and solid sense of beauty, design complex material luxury, is also rare.
Slim profile
Peng is the wedding, is a bit thinner waist, slim profile, pay attention to lines and smooth. Butterfly knot belt is most important of details, improve waist line, modified smooth body type, Victoria style is praised, remodeling waist high pick of retro image, mention chest and beam waist and bubble bubble sleeve are big by welcomes; spring summer of clothing has large high waist cut, wedding also will high waist cut copy copy, again distribution Shang a article color hit accounts belt, seems to Prada of pies. Docile, backless dress body style, gentle fishtail skirts to show the bride's slender body type, skirts can evade even substrates can also be removed, for after the ceremony in the Church, relaxing gardens, beach wedding.
Silk fabric
Wedding dress trend this season is refined, the ultimate Sissy ribbons, bows, pleats, flower, soft silk bodice embroidered with fine blending of antique styling, reunification Palace-like luxury. This season by season kicks off in rendered smooth silk wedding dress elegant and noble, collar design, ribbons of color, empire waist and smooth with silk roses match, as though we were waiting for a European-style ball ... ...

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