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Nine new wedding photography tips
Wedding is it can sometimes make you running around in circles, resulting in the wedding scene is not prepared yet? Wedding for you here at the tips, will also come in handy, Oh.
1, take pictures of the previous week, should begin to do some face, skin care, hair care, haircuts, Perm the best to be completed one month before the shooting.
2, picture day, relax, an early rest before bed, drink less, so as to avoid puffy eyes on alternate days, get enough sleep, so took up more refreshed and glowing.
Brides should make their own nails and armpit hair shaved.
3, photographed the same day the bride wear flesh-colored stockings and a pair of high heels to match a long dress.
4, taking pictures on the bride on the day not at their own makeup, so as to avoid makeup obsession. When taking photos, best not to wear too much jewelry, the bride should wear open front clothes so as not to dress in dresses, destroyed the face makeup and hairstyle.
5, groom suit should not be too fit, so everything is not convenient. Shoot day not to wear suits or dark-colored underwear, avoid wearing white pants.
6, photographed the same day preparing their own white or light colored strapless bra. When wearing a wedding dress to match the strapless BRA, if the Chinese evening wear, it is best to wear padded underwear or wire can beautify the chest line.
7, if you bring a friend, bring your digital camera. Select when shooting photos in advance in order to know which clothes are suitable for the bride and groom.
8. who wish to take pictures with glasses, the lenses should be removed, leaving only the frame to prevent reflection phenomenon in a lens.
9. taking pictures when the light may sting the eyes, make the eyes appear red bars should bring along the usual eye drops and moist eyes.

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