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Wedding optional shop 8 standard
1. equipment: do not think that as long as the camera is able to take a good photo. High quality camera to achieve the effect you want to pursue.
2. technology: photographers, makeup artists skills is a key measure of a restaurant quality. Level is visible.
3. qualifications: a wedding photo studio is not a training ground, "the photographer," not all of us can say, and certainly not "official". Photographer's qualifications are over time, accumulated year after year.
4. brand: photos are used to "see", the credibility needed someone "say". To hear more, see more, rather than just listening to the store and egos.
5. prices: choose your's is the best, why should we blindly?
6. practical: well, in essence, is not. A bit less vanity, and a little romance.
7. quality: the "Yucheng man" bought too many "fake" trap Studio is not price. But the "texture", you spend money to get a true picture?
8. art: art is not a form of "model", "form", innovation in the arts and individualized. Identical art refuse cookie, deny, deny, stylized.

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