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Photos how to pick clothes
General wedding JMS preparations are: indoor white dress 1 set, outdoor white dress 1 (location) 1-2 sets, special clothing, evening dress, 1-2.
Interior white dress:
Interior white is important, because most everyone will take home Bai Shazhao to enlarge. Taking into account the outdoor white should get some differences (outdoor white wedding dress is usually tailed), nice figure and sister may wish to pick figure fishtail style, very feminine. Cute young brides can pick the short knee-length, for outdoor wear short.
Outdoor white dress:
Outdoor action is lively, so you can pick the chest-style, easy activities when taking photos. Wedding trail not afraid of "complicated", tail often is better than a small tail. I picked out the tail can almost turn, seems clumsy, but on the grass and on the steps and the effect is very good.
Evening dress:
Strongly recommended not to pick the color of pale yellow, light meters, because in effect under bright lights with white yarn. Dark dress photogenic effect is most strongly to light, even if light colored dress to pick a warm, shoot it out. Pink Green (Blues and Greens, with some pink tone would have been better, more mellow than the bright blue, bright green shoot out), red shrimp (Pink with orange, a lined face, but not too sweet). Evening dresses like Wedding Veil for shelter, shawl and a slender upper arm not block, or pick up the upper body with large flowers. Two words, one is red and purple lines, one is blue-green.
Featured costume:
Fengguanxiapei: basic style, festive, need to meet the smiling happy.
South Korea wear: classical light MM more suitable temperament, style dignified.
Tang: comparing atmosphere, elegant.
Princess clothing: cute.
Cheongsam: must avoid big red, a greater length, very like that of the hostess, waiter, plaid dress is more exotic, special! Chinese dress matching men's clothing is the tunic: a relatively simple, upright.
Palace installed: do not be afraid of "complicated", was too thin to lose that kind of momentum, with Court Assembly of men's clothing is a little to boast about, like Opera "Turandot", is so dramatic!
Featured garment must be equipped with appropriate props, or hands bare, the effect will be greatly reduced!

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