01. wedding photography love you 10,000 years, Shaoxing, about
Love you 10,000 years near Shaoxing wedding photography brand, familiar with the cooperation between clients and case
Love you 10,000 years, Shaoxing, about wedding photography team structure and work
Love you 10,000 years, Shaoxing, recognized wedding photography professional competence and experience of
Shaoxing, determined love you 10,000 years of wedding photography that fits your brand
02. project preparation
Summary investigations, data collection, market analysis of the target city
Established requirement details: content, scope, and period of service
Verify requirements and submitted the project plan, cost price
03. contract
Confirmation of the contract, contract fees and schedule
Advance payment of
04. the diagnosis and research of brand
Provide initial Studio framework envisaged for research
Finishing the competition Studio information, market data for competitive research
Form preliminary conclusions and suggestions for
Establishment of the project team, and members of both parties topic discussion meeting
Preliminary diagnosis
Studio location, the core value of lock
Studio vision, solutions,
05. brand
Studio select
Core concept Development Studio
Core identity LOGO Design Studio VI
Studio SI standard double fa├žade design
06. the construction and delivery of
Application system design studio VI
Studio design
Studio VI, SI recognition system research and modified
Studio VI, SI recognition system
Submit the brand VI graphic identity manual
07. the human resources management
Studio management system

08. product marketing and brand promotion
Overall sales co-ordination and Division of business
Year-round marketing program

09. media advertising
Photography website planning and design
Advertising and design
Print advertising design
10. creative photography samples and development
Studio scene layout
Creative design
Sample materials and templates to provide
Sample research and development
11. the relevant technical training
Photography training
Later digital processing training
Makeup training
12. value added services
Brand promotion and extension services